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Implementing a PEACE PITCH initiative on Easter Island

For the Rapa Nui Indigenous children with Pelé and Elias Figueroa

Due to its inclusive nature, Sports are a great tool to increase knowledge, understanding and awareness about peaceful co-existence including tolerance and respect for others regardless of ethnic, cultural, religious or other differences.

Carlos Alberto Torres, Eric Wynalda, UN Ambassador Heraldo Munoz,

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Elias Figueroa, Teofilo Cubillas

"We must use the power of sport as an agent of social change. It has an almost unmatched role to play in promoting understanding, healing wounds, mobilising support for social causes, and breaking down barriers”.  - Kofi Annan

The GOL ILUMINADO FOUNDATION Inc.,  a registered 501(c)(3) Federal Non-Profit Organization, that was created in Year 2007 by FIFA Legend and 3 Times South American Player of The Year Elias Figueroa, has established several movements and initiatives of goodwill that are premised on "Building a Peaceful and Better World through Sport and the Olympic Ideal”. 


We have worked with the United Nations Sport for Development and Peace, Peace & Sport in Monaco and the World Olympians Association. Our ultimate mission has been to promote awareness and support for the implementation of a worldwide network of concrete and sustainable LEGACY projects that encourage Cultural Exchange, Education and Goodwill for children and families. 

Legacy Sports Park and Education Campus, in support and collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club of Delray Beach will be developed in downtown Delray Beach. It will have a School/Education Center, Peace House, Club House, Teen Center, Meditation Park, Community Garden and facilities for sports, music, art, cooking and technology. We will provide programs for children with disabilities, as well as after school and summer programs for 250 disadvantaged youth. These community goodwill programs are FREE for Club Members and include vocational, mentor and apprentice guidance. 

The blockchain and crypto currency are effective ways to bring awareness and support to a global mission to promote Peace Through Sport and EducationPeaceBit is a brand that will be recognized and remembered. Through PeaceBit, we will introduce the world to simple and fun ways to engage in crypto currency. PeaceBit revenues will be utilized to underwrite and sustain our global Legacy of Peace.



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