Elias Figueroa Brander Stadium

Valparaíso’s Estadio Elías Figueroa Brander was re-named in honour of the renowned former Chile International defender who represented his Country from 1966 to 1982 and featured in three FIFA World Cups. The Stadium was built in 1931 before recently being renovated for the Copa América 2015 and is the home venue for Santiago Wanderers, the Club where Figueroa’s illustrious career began. The stadium was formerly known as Estadio Valparaíso and Estadio Regional Chiledeportes.

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Opening Ceremenies and Match and the Championship Final of the Indigenous Copa Americana 2015 will take place here

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3 Matches of the Copa America 2015 and the Main Events of the Indigenous Copa Americana will take place here. Figueroa looks forward to hosting Sponsors and Patron Donors at his  Private VIP Hospitality Suite

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