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The Gol Iluminado Foundation has been involved in numerous Charity and Goodwill Events since its formation in 2007. All of the initaitives, events and activities that we organize are created for the purpose of providing resources in order to implement and sustain Goodwill Legacy Programs for children and families in need and at risk. Our Foundation is driven by the passion and vision of our Chairman, 'Don' Elias Figueroa and of our President, Steve Leighton, both of whom have dedicated themselves to the LEGACY of utilizing SPORT as a vehicle to promote Education, Peace and Hope.

In 2015 Chile played host to the Inaugural Indigenous Copa Americana, the U-17 FIFA World Cup, the 99th Anniversary version of the Copa America, which Chile became Champions for the first time and the OUR OCEAN Global Environmental Conference. It was a remarkable opportunity for Sponsors and Donors to leverage the VISION and hard work of the Gol Iluminado Foundation and the gravitas of Chilean Legend Elias Figueroa.  

                           Chile has always played an important role in our Global Campaign  

CHILE Hosts 4 LEGACY Events In 2015 


Copa America 2015 CHILE


In 2015 the eyes of the Football World were on the Copa America in Chile from June 11 to July 4th with 12 Countries and many of the Best Football Players on the Planet battling to be crowned the Champion of The Americas. Chile became Champions for the first time in their history, defeating Argentina in the final.


The GOL ILUMINADO FOUNDATION was there, lead by its Chairman Elias Figueroa – the Chilean Player of The Century, along with many of his Friends, iconic FutbolMasters and Ambassadors to 'The Beautiful Game'.

Copa Americana 2015 CHILE


On the 23rd of October 2014,  Elias Figueroa and the Chilean Ministers of Sport, Culture and Foreign Affairs announced the Inaugural Copa Americana, an International Futbol Tournament for the Indigenous Peoples of The Americas. Sponsors for this Tournament Campionship participated in media and advertising coverage of this historical Cultural and "Peace Through Sport" event. This was truly a first of its kind LEGACY initiative hosted by the GOL ILUMINADO FOUNDATION and the Government of Chile.

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Indigenous Copa Americana 2015 CHILE

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