"Changing Society Together"


Grassroots Change (GC) is a movement of the Gol Iluminado Foundation.  GC focuses on helping people become more successful and happy, which we call “the best you”.  Since people that feel better about themselves are more apt to treat others respectfully and be more cooperative, their influence on society is usually more positive.  As a result, tragedy is minimized due to less conflict and crime.  And top-down institutions from government to schools and parents operate more efficiently.  Hence, being “the best you”, helps society too: safety, efficiency, and relationship wise.  We also believe that the concept of GC is much bigger than any person or movement because we are all changing society together.  The “Founders Club” is the main tool we use to change society together.  It is based upon helping people and the community at the core foundation.  This includes empowering people to help make our community safer, be more respectful of one another, learn and grow, and have fun.  To accomplish these objectives, we have created lasting change programs, projects, and events like our Legacy Sports Park & Education Campus (aka: Passions for Hope Park) and our World Peace Day event on September 21.  

  • Enlightening your soul 

      {Opening your mind to dig deep}

  • Versus masking pain with fear driven control 

      {Stems from negative traits like hate, defiance, and jealousy}

  • Where stress takes its toll 

      {Leads to addiction and mental and/or physical illness}

  • And/ or you lack a higher purpose or goal 

      {Such as becoming a great parent} 

  • Instead the aim is feeling whole 

      {With all aspects of life such as your intimate, social, career, and spiritual sides}

  • Where love is cen-trol 

      {Versus F.E.A.R. - False Evidence Appearing Real}

  • Through courage and self-control 

      {Willing to learn and take risk}


Jonathan Goldfarb has always had a passion for helping people.  Helping people become courageous and society as a result entails understanding many aspects of life.  Jonathan’s eclectic background below consisted of studying and experiencing the many qualities comprising empowerment and happiness and its’ societal effects. 

  1. Life experience 

  2. Pro sports background as player, coach, and consultant

  3. Business background- Project management, sales, and marketing

  4. Life coaching and mediating dysfunctional families including some in hate wars as well as students needing inspiration and those who were depressed and suicidal

  5. Study and reader of many change disciplines in religion, philosophy, new age thinking, lifestyle and wellness, and self-improvement

  6. Academic Study- Area Studies Major: Mind-Body focus in the areas of psychology, philosophy and anatomy and physiology; Master’s degree

  7. Self-Improvement Writer- 11 books in process 

  8. Passion and Determination- Since there is no better feeling than experiencing happiness and sharing it, Jonathan seeks pleasure in seeing other people courageous, happy, and as a result witnessing Grassroots Change. 

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