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Delray Beach, Florida 

The LEGACY FOUNDERS are the leading philanthropists of our community. They are providing opportunity for children that would otherwise not be exposed to structured and professional tennis, soccer, music and the arts education. This is truly the genesis of a global peace initiative. 


This is EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED to 40 increments at $25k each. A LEGACY FOUNDER can own one or more increments. The more increments owned the more valuable ones position, in regards to equity, gifted PeaceBit, promotional capabilities for businesses and of course, your impact and legacy in the community. 


BENEFITS Per $25k Increment Donation:

  • Your Contribution is a Tax-Deductible Donation

  • Bronze Plaque on the Legacy Founders Wall Of Fame

  • VIP Status for 2 people per incremental position, at all future Events and Activities of the Foundation

  • 1.25% Equity Position of Legacy Ventures Group, which provides a minimum annual           dividend of $18,750 per incremental position 


  • Gifted $100k Valuation of PeaceBit tokens, to go live on the exchanges @ $1.00 

  • Legacy Founders receive branding and signage privileges at the Campus and at all future Events and Activities

  • Two hours per month of private instruction from your choice of former professionals in tennis, soccer and music.  This can be gifted to an adult or child of choice.  

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LEGACY FOUNDER Document  With Financials Projections


Legacy Peace Park will be developed on 5 acres of land at the corner of Lake Ida Road and Swinton Avenue indowntown Delray Beach. It will have a Music Education School, Peace House/Club House, 4 Multi-Sport Courts that will accommodate Futbol, Tennis, Basketball and the 'Football For Peace' co-ed 'flag football' project. The Stadium 'feature' is also designed as a Multi-Sport facility. A 'Skills Circuit', Meditation Park and Community Garden are also features of our sports, music, arts, cooking and technology training campus. We will provide programs for children with disabilities during the day, as well as after school and summer programs for 250 disadvantaged youth and families in the community and for aspiring talents in sports, music and the arts & anyone seeking to be a 'Champion For Peace'.


We teach all of our students in fun and creative ways the following main objectives: have fun, technical expertise, lifestyle skills, positive attitude and mental toughness. Our unique skillsets to identify and help hungry, talented athletes will produce community 'Champions For Peace' and potentially even world-class athletes or entertainers like Delray Beach’s own Corey Gauff, who at 15 years old just reached the round of 16 at Wimbledon and like US National Team Soccer Player Jozy Altidore, also from Delray Beach.  

The Campus is funded through CSR Partnerships, Local Government Participation, Pay To Play Adult Futbol/Soccer Club & League, The Tennis Club, The Music Academy, The 'Champions For Peace' Patron Founders Club and the PeaceBit project.


Our weekly community seminars on topics of importance, such as self-improvement, holistic health, parenting and safety issues, along with our community goodwill programs and projects will have no cost to the participants.  Daytime and evening vocational and mentor programs, along with apprentice guidance will also be provided.  

Participants in our programs are Players For Peace Ambassadors.

Donors are Champions For Peace 

For Information About The Legacy Peace Park and Education Campus

 Change the Life of a Child 

Your Tax-Deductible Patronage will help us provide after school, evening and summer programs for 250 children and families in the community, as well as a schedule of programs for children with disabilities.

The GOL ILUMINADO FOUNDATION Inc. is a Registered 501(c)(3) Federal Not For Profit Organization -  © 2007 - 2020