The GOL ILUMINADO FOUNDATION Inc. (GIF), a Federally Registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity has reached an agreement with overseas independent financial advisors deVere Group that provides the option for Non-Resident Americans to access US compliant tax efficient overseas pension solutions.  


This solution will also provide resources to an officially registered USA Not For Profit that helps children and families in need and at risk in Japan and in the USA.


​The purpose for Gol Iluminado Foundation reaching this agreement is to:

  • Assist Non-Resident Americans access to overseas tax planning solutions that comply to US filing regulations.

  • Provide resources for the benefit of children with cancer in the USA and in Japan - from financial advisors donations.

 Key Facts:  

  • American taxpayers remain subject to US tax regardless of where they are physically resident.

  • Non-resident American taxpayers can earn $101,300 tax free from employment (2016).

  • Many US domiciled funds are no longer accepting money from non-US residents.

  • Investments into non-US domiciled funds can be classified as “PFIC” investments which are subjected to much higher rates of US tax and interest penalties.

  • It can be difficult to fund a US domestic pension as a non-resident


As a Non-Resident American, if after your due diligence you decide to utilize the tax efficient solutions from our authorized third party financial advisors, they will donate a percentage of their financial benefits to our Childrens Cancer Initiative


NOTE: In addition, any voluntary contributions to our Foundation are tax-deductible to any US taxpayer

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