How To Become a 'CHAMPION FOR PEACE' and Benefit from Your Generosity 

Implementing a PEACE PITCH initiative on Easter Island

For the Rapa Nui Indigenous children with Pelé and Elias Figueroa

BENEFITS OF PASSION: Sports, like the arts and music, enhanced by a quality support system, fuel people’s desire to learn and practice healthy habits. Passions are also great tools to increase knowledge, understanding and awareness about peaceful co-existence, including tolerance and respect for others regardless of ethnic, cultural, religious or other differences.

Carlos Alberto Torres, Eric Wynalda, UN Ambassador Heraldo Munoz,

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Elias Figueroa, Teofilo Cubillas

Photo Credit – Steve Leighton

"We must use the power of sport as an agent of social change. It has an almost unmatched role to play in promoting understanding, healing wounds, mobilizing support for social causes, and breaking down barriers”.  - Kofi Annan

OUR FOUNDATION: The GOL ILUMINADO FOUNDATION Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) Federal Non-Profit Organization, that was created in 2007 by FIFA Legend and 3 Times South American Player of The Year Elias Figueroa, has established several movements and initiatives of goodwill that are premised on "Building a Peaceful and Better World through Sport and the Olympic Ideal”.


We have worked with the United Nations Sport for Development and Peace, Peace and Sport Monaco and the World Olympians Association. Our ultimate mission has been to promote awareness and support for the implementation of a worldwide network of concrete and sustainable LEGACY projects that encourage Cultural Exchange, Education and Goodwill for children and families. 




OUR MOVEMENT: Our Foundation's newest movement, Grassroots Change - "Changing Lives Together", focuses on helping all people become more, successful and happy, which we call “the best you”.  We believe being “the best you”, helps society too: safety, efficiency, and relationship wise.  Since GC is about one’s healthy changes impacting others, the concept of Grassroots Change is much bigger than any person or movement. GC inspires people to become The Best You, connects people to valuable resources, and acts as a bridge between local government policies and its citizens.  As a result, we are changing society together.  

OUR GLOBAL PLANSThe blockchain and crypto currency are effective ways to bring awareness and support to a global mission to promote Peace Through Passions such as sport, music, art and education.  Through PeaceBit and our global app that will offer free services and more, we will introduce the world to simple and fun ways to engage in cryptocurrency while enjoying their app experience which includes among other things free access to television and movies, cool contests and daily inspirational messages. PeaceBit and the app revenues will be utilized to underwrite and sustain our global Legacy of Peace.

OUR LOCAL PLANS: Legacy Sports Park and Education Campus (aka: Passions For Hope Park), in support and collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club of Delray Beach will be developed in downtown Delray Beach. It will have a School/Education Center, Peace House, Club House, Teen Center, Meditation Park, Community Garden and facilities for sports, music, art, cooking and technology. We will provide programs for children with disabilities, as well as after school and summer programs for 250 disadvantaged youth. These community goodwill programs are FREE for Club Members and include vocational, mentor and apprentice guidance. 


THE PATRONS CLUB is based upon helping people and the community at the core foundation.  This includes empowering people to help make our community safer, be more respectful of one another, learn and grow and have fun.  To accomplish these objectives, we have created lasting change programs, projects such as our Legacy Sports Park & Education Campus (aka: Passions for Hope Park) above, and our World Peace Day event on September 21.  To learn more, go to: www.grassrootschange/beliefs.  In appreciation for joining our club, you will be gifted the benefits below.

  Join The Club  



  • Recognition as a Champion For Peace on  Your name is written on a brick on the "Patrons Walk" of our Legacy Sports Park and Education Campus in Delray Beach (aka Passions for Hope Park).   

  • Participation in our monthly think tank group that gives all of us a voice on a grassroots level for real community solutions and overall change.  These meetings are also great for networking since attendees are like-minded people with similar values wanting to do great things in their career and life.  In addition, healthy communication outlets such as this, combined with real actions, helps make our communities safer.

  • A cryptocurrency wallet and 2 x the value of your patronage, worth of PeaceBit Tokens upon joining and 2 x the value of your patronage per month of PeaceBit Tokens.  PeaceBit will also be used for trading and purchases, including at local, popular Delray facilities.

  • Tax savings from your 'Patrons Club' membership and generosity.

  • Live and streaming television and movies and DVR with access to Netflix, potentially replacing your home cable costs.

  • Travel discounts membership from one of our partners  They are one of the lowest cost travel clubs in the industry and can save you thousands of dollars per year depending on your travel needs.

  • Exclusive 'Patrons Club' Monthly and Annual Drawings.  Prizes include, but are not limited to $250 of PeaceBit, theme park ticket packages, sports and concert events, weekend getaways, luxury dining, electronics and more.   

  • Daily inspiration in many forms including motivational products and trending songs such as from Qil (one of the Founders) “I can be myself”

  • 'The Best You' book, written by Jonathan Goldfarb, Founder of our Grassroots Change movement and also a Founders Club member.

  • Weekly community seminars on topics from experts in self-improvement, suicide prevention, addiction, holistic health, spirituality, parenting, safety, and business.  This is incredibly beneficial for anyone including yourself and family, friends or colleagues in need.

  • Email coaching for you and/ or someone else you know in need (up to 2 times per month).  This self-help strategy entails asking important questions regarding any life issue and our life coaches replying with our best advice.

  • Follow-up self-improvement programs that have changed the lives of millions of people; directed by 

  • Monthly half day Pass to the Silverball Museum Arcade in Delray Beach. Other Fun Benefits will be added.

  • Event invites that great organizations promoting 'Grassroots Change' are doing, like 2 tickets to our annual World Peace Day-  and regardless of whether you attend this event, a Raffle Ticket for a chance to WIN unique prizes during our World Peace Day event in Delray Beach on September 21. 

  • Bi-monthly Soccer, Tennis and Football consulting clinics by world class soccer clinicians, Jonathan Goldfarb of  and Gerald Hearns, a graduate of FAU and current aspiring NFL prospect.  They help you learn new skills, gain discipline, and have fun. 

The International Award Winning GOL ILUMINADO FOUNDATION Inc. 

and our Grassroots Change movement THANKS YOU for your Support in

"Changing Society Together" 

Your Contribution is a Tax-Deductible Donation

The GOL ILUMINADO FOUNDATION Inc. is a Registered 501(c)(3) Federal Not For Profit Organization -  © 2007 - 2020