P e a c e B I t

A     G  l  o  b  a  l.    L  e  g  a  c  y     I  n  I  t  I  a  t  I  v  e   

As an ERC 20 Utility Token, PeaceBit is essentially a ‘vehicle of engagement and entertainment’ and is utilized as a conduit to promote, underwrite and sustain our mission to implement A Global Legacy of Peace Initiative


Utilizing the blockchain, along with the increased interest in crypto currency is an effective way to bring awareness and support to a global mission to promote Peace Through Sport and Education. PeaceBit is a brand that will be recognized and remembered. It is also an easily understood concept. Through PeaceBit, we will introduce the 4 Billion fans of futbol and sport to simple, logical and fun ways to engage in crypto currency and to assist with the mission of promoting Education, Peace, Cultural Exchange and Understanding. 


On a communication level, Sport can be used as an effective delivery mechanism for education about peace, tolerance, and respect for opponents, regardless of ethnic, cultural, religious or other differences. Its inclusive nature makes sport a good tool to increase knowledge, understanding and awareness about peaceful co-existence. Sport-based development activities ensure that this powerful and diverse element of civil society becomes an active and committed force in the global partnership for development.


PeaceBit is a World Changing Project that will make an impact on the future of our planet.

Our VISION is to create a global network of sustainable Education, Peace and "Development Through Sport" LEGACY projects. Our mission is to 'Change Lives' and to make a positive global impact by 'Connecting The World Through Sport'

Pelé and Elias Figueroa

Endorsing Peace Through Futbol and Sport

"The sporting community has the power to advance humanity and to help ensure that all children everywhere have access to health care, education, protection and equality. Our movement will help change the lives of children for generations to come. Our strategic partnership with Champions For Peace and our global alliances will ensure that we accomplish our objectives of this Legacy of Peace initiative.” Elias Figueroa - Champion For Peace, Founder of Futbol For Peace and Chairman of the GOL ILUMINADO FOUNDATION and FutbolMasters

Carlos Alberto Torres, Eric Wynalda, UN Ambassador Heraldo Munoz,

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Elias Figueroa, Teofilo Cubillas

Photo Credit – Steve Leighton

The Gol Iluminado Foundation created several movements and brands, which we own, in support of the United Nations Sport for Development and Peace, which will be extremely dynamic assets for the ongoing marketing campaign and sustainability of the PeaceBit project and strategies. 

We also own the following Domain Names in .com and .org  - which are valuable assets for PeaceBit marketing strategies:  






















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