1. Life Coaching: (over the phone and email services) A professional life coach focuses on helping a person create and attain professional and personal goals including intimacy, inner peace, wellness, financial success, and moral and spiritual enlightenment.  If it is determined that a person is better suited for now to become their best you and improve their happiness through other forms of change platforms, then we empower clients to work with expert colleagues in addiction, psychiatry, or other more beneficial change modalities.

  2. The Best You (my book coming soon): Becoming “the best you” entails both your potential and desires in life.  Life is a journey that is not always linear.  There are many twists, turns, hurdles, fallbacks, breakthroughs and everything in between.  Becoming the best you is the result of effective decision making, which happens when you expand your horizons and mature your emotional state along the way. 

  3. Seminars / Courses: Feel free to contact me about our specific follow-through programs that help one become their best you and society too.

  4. Influencer A financial and charitable opportunity between us a the Gol Iluminado Foundation and influencers for “Changing Society Together”. 

  5. Founders  A club that funds community programs and projects with once a month meetings with the founders to spur ideas and discuss ways to change society together.  It also helps businesses with exposure, ideas, and in other creative ways.  

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